Understanding English Teaching Jobs

English teaching jobs are available in the United States and in other countries. They come in traditional class room format, online and teaching classes in other countries. Where you choose to teach depends on your background.

Teaching English in the United States at a traditional school generally requires a degree in education plus having passed a teachers certification program in the state where you want to teach. Some states accept another state’s certification. This is generally for teaching English as the primary language.

Not all certified or licensed English teachers teach in a traditional school. English teaching jobs may also be teaching English as a second language or ESL. This presupposes the students have another language as their first language. Sometimes these classes are called teaching English as a foreign language, or called by the acronym EFL.

English teaching jobs are also conducted online. This may entail teaching students in an actual classroom in a local school via computer or they may be in another state. The students may also be adults who are learning English in an online class.

Teaching English consists of teaching the proper use of the English language. This would include correct grammar, sentence structure, paragraph structure, word usage, punctuation, and spelling. All of these have many subgroups. The English class would begin by testing the level of the students and then beginning at the beginning.

For younger students this would begin with printing, then writing as with joined up letters to make words.

Of course teaching English includes various levels of testing. Homework assignments should reinforce what the students learned in the classroom.

In some traditional elementary schools there may not be a specific teacher for English. One teacher may teach several classes. They may be required to be familiar with geography, computers, math, discipline, and English. For English they would need to have knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, understanding the rules of composition and grammar. They would hold reading sessions with age appropriate books.

An English teacher at the next level of schooling such as a junior high school would generally conduct only classes teaching English. Teachers would be specialists or have single subject credentials. An English teacher at the junior high or high school level will have a good grounding in oral communication, literature and grammar.

All teachers including English teachers are required to continue their education by taking several courses offered during the year within their school district.

English teachers who teach via the internet are still required to have all the teaching credentials required to be certified as an English teacher. Some classrooms do not have a traditional teacher but are taught all of their English lessons on an in classroom computer. However a real English teacher would be available for conferences or parent teacher meetings.

Teaching English has evolved over the years. Methodology has changed but basic English rules have not. English still has the same rules.